Adopt a pet (English)

Verhuisdieren matches pets with people who are looking for a second chance dog, cat or rabbit. We match in the best interest of the animal.

How does work?

  1. Create a user account and set up a search profile
  2. Find out which animals are matching
  3. Contact the current owner or rescue foundation
  4. Set up an appointment to meet the pet in real life
  5. Adopt your new companion

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Supporter contribution

In order to receive the contact details of the current owner of a pet, we ask you to become our 'supporter' first. The minimum amount is € 25, this is a one time payment. With this 'supporterschap' you get one year of unlimited access to the contact details of  the owner of your matches. On our side, we use the supporter contributions to maintain and improve the website. This way we can help all the animals on our platform find a lovely home.

Important to know!

  • Never make a down-payment for an animal
  • Do not adopt an animal before meeting it in real life
  • The animal should be staying in The Netherlands, Belgium or the German border area

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Note: Be aware of the fact that not all the users/foundations who use our platform speak or write English fluently. Make sure all communication is clear and understood.

Happy to assist you

Since the majority of our visitors are Dutch, our website is available in the Dutch language only. We understand this is not ideal, but a Google Translate translation helps out most of the time. If not, we are glad to help you by email.

Therefore you could send a brief email to Thanks for choosing Verhuisdieren!

Via Verhuisdieren zoek je verantwoord naar jouw ideale hond, kat of konijn

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